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Chris Millington is a musician/songwritter based in North Devon.

Having been dragged up through the Manchester Indie scene and various bands, Chris has now found his niche. Inspired by the beautiful north Devon coastline and local stories of smuggling, wrecking and piracy along the North Devon coast, Chris has penned some moving songs in the hope and with the passion of keeping some of these stories alive.

Recently described as the ..'wild eyed boy of Exmoor..' Chris combines the traditional with the contempory singing songs of the sea, the past and the heart.

A multi talented, multi instrumentalist, Chris feels at ease with anything from the guitar to squeezebox, from mandolin to sitar. This diversity of influences and instruments compliments his compositions and accompanied by a voice that ranges from raucous Bowie-esque vocal to the haunting choral arrangement of the Liberame Domine at the end of the enchanting 'Who Will Cut Me Down?"

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DOUBLOONS,JEWELERY AND IVORY Dedicated to the crew and passengers of The London, who drowned in Rapparee Cove in October,1796
I WILL SET MY SHIP AT ORDER A song of Lovers and Sailors
LARKSTONE written about the local Ilfracombe beach
SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR based on a traditional song
SMUGGLERS LEAP Remembers the cliff top chase of the smugglers and the excise man, ending in both their deaths
SOUTHERN STAR Records the treacherous journey of the convicts sent to Australia
STONE ME celebrates late nights and the change of seasons
SUNSHINE THROUGH THE STORM strange rooms, strange memories
THE HOAROAK TREE A song about the clearing of the Oak forest from Exmoor to make it into farm land, leaving the solitary Hoar Oak
WHO WILL CUT ME DOWN Looking through the eyes of a condemned man at the gallows
WILL O'ABER Loosely based on a traditional song and recalls love being better than work
Thanks to the rocks and the sea for the inspiration
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