17th century SHIPWRECKS

October 1654 "Part of a ships company called ‘ye John’ drowned at the harbour’s mouth. Seven Englishmen and two Frenchmen were lost in the wreck and a tenth man died later in the town" (IMN 2000 p 4)

"In the Parish Church we find this amongst the burials '1635 Oct. 31st Bryant Tooker and two French men, parte of a shipps Companie called ye John, were drowned at our harbours mouth'" (Boyle & Payne 1952 p 203)

"Barnstaple October 23 1670 - The great storms which still continue, have done much harm upon these coasts, and ‘tis feared much more in other places. Two Dutch ships and one vessel belonging to Mindhead are cast away in Bewde bay, but all the men, only one excepted, are happily saved. Several pieces of ships with some trunks and chests of some other wrecks are driven on shore about Ilford-comb." (Sneltzer 1987 p 5)

"Barnstaple March 26th 1675 - Tuesday night last, was cast away near Ilford-combe the Arms of Bristol, of 350 tuns, Captain Templeman, Commander, bound for Barbadoes; 16 passengers and seamen were drowned, the rest, which were 40, saved themselves" (Sneltzer 1987 p 89)

"Swanzey September 30th 1678 - We have had for these 14 days last past very stormy weather , which hath had effects on some small vessels on these coast. The Master of a small vessel of Coombe, coming over here to load coals a day or two before the bad weather began, did confidently report, that he and his company, upon their crossing the Severne saw a mair-man appear pretty whole above water, his hair and face being like that of a man with long hair." (Sneltzer 1987 p 89)

"Barnstaple April 2 1686 - On Wednesday last sailed from hence nine ships bound for Newfoundland. The late bad weather we fear has caused many shipwrecks. About Ilfrod-comb, abundance of Almonds is cast ashore; and the masters of some vessels that came from Ireland report, that they saw in the channel a great many casks floating on the sea, but the weather was so tempestuous that they could not put out their boats to take them up." (Sneltzer 1987 p 5)

"Barnstaple December 29th 1691 - On Sunday last came into Ilford combe the Transport ship with Colonel Earle’s Regiment from Ireland. Five other ships are come over the Bar with soldiers from Corke, and about 30 more, having on board several other Regiments are gone up for Minehead and Bristol. The 27th in the evening was cast away near Ilford combe, a transport ship bound from Corke to Brest with about 160 Irish of whom only 3 escaped, the rest being drowned, together with all the ships crew, except the Master and 2 more." (Snetzler 1987 p 89)

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