Privacy Statement for this tour-devon based Website incl. Sub-pages

An Operator refers to the person, company or corporation represented by a person, company or corporation that is designated on the contact page of this Website.

The term Users refers to people who have or have not registered at the website and who, meanwhile, use the contents of the website, communicate with other users on the website or publish contents through the website. The direct use of the personal pronoun "You" is used to address you as a user of this website.

The term Website refers to all the documents, contents, and information offered at the same internet address, under which the operations of the aforementioned materials and these Terms and Conditions are made available. The term Website also includes all its sub-directories and sub-pages.

This document is the Privacy Statement for using the Operator?s Website. The Operator dedicated himself to respect and to protect your privacy and to use any personal information gather on this Website only in accordance with the current Data Protection Laws and Regulations.

What is considered personal data?

As personal data the Operator refers to the information related to your identity, such as your name, email or postal address.

Disclosure to Third Party(s)

All data transmitted to the operator are expressly treated as confidential! In principle the Operator will not make such data available to any other parties unless you have approved such action or the Operator is obligated to disclose such data to comply with a legal obligation as for instance a court order.

For what purposes does the operator use these data?

The Operator gathers, stores, and processes information in order to better understand the Users of this Website and to be able to improve the services offered to them. In addition, the Operator will compile internal investigations concerning the demography, user interests and userbehavior. This is done anonymously; meaning no data will be used that would make it possible to identify an individual User. With your prior approval, the Operator will inform you of newly developed Website-features and other important topics about this Website on a regular basis.
At any time, you have the right to cancel this permission using a written (email ? please see the contact page) statement. In addition to that, in every email-newsletter, the Operator will provide you with information on how to opt-out from receiving further information. The Operator may also store your IP-address over a period of not more than four weeks upon utilization of any services enabling you to communicate with him, witha third party, or with other Users (such as upload of media, publication of comments, etc.). This is done in order to be able to identify the individual User(s) in case of their intervention with the Operator?s Website or in case of other rights being violated. The stored information is deleted immediately after being kept for four weeks.

Use of Cookies

In order to offer the Website services as user-friends as possible, this Website, as well as many well-known websites, also uses so-called Cookies.Cookies are small text files that enable recognition of a User; this way, non-first-time Users do not have to manually log-in to any part of the Website each time they open it. Moreover, cookies can also be used to adjust the offered services according to your personal interests. The Operator uses cookies in order to analyze how the Website and its services are being used and to give out information of possible interest to you. It is however possible, to use the Website even without cookies. WWW-browsers can be adjusted to generally reject cookies.

Security of Data

Although the operator strives to protect the security of your personal data in accordance with the current Data Protection Laws, yet no electronic form of communication is absolutely secure. The Operator would like to remind you that in spite of his high demands regarding data protection andprivacy, all information you release voluntarily over the Internet may potentially be used by others as well. Therefore, the operator shall assume no responsibility for or liability for the disclosure of information due to data-transmission errors and/or unauthorized access through any third party.

Modification of this Privacy Statement

The operator reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time and without prior notice in accordance with the current Data Protection Laws and Regulations.


1. The web design service is available with domain name and hosting only - stand alone design is not available
2. Domain registration and hosting are provided through Luner Pages
3. normal maintenance of your site is included in the price - this includes such things as updates/ price changes etc but does not include full page re-design
4. Other than normal maintenance, re-desgn of pages or sites are charged at £15 per hour

5. Payment for our services

  1. payment for the original domain name registration, hosting and design must be made before the site goes live on the web
  2. Annual renewal payments must be made 28 days before the renewal date
  3. Cancellation of any service must be made a minimum of 28 days before renewal is due
  4. Cancellations made after the 28 day minimum will not cancel the annual charges but will see removal of the site from the web - However the site can be replaced for the remainder of the annual contract if you wish - in this case the site would be removed at the end of that year
  5. e mail Invoices for our services are issued via pay pal in the name of Robert Lockyer
  6. payment of accounts is done through pay pal using your pay pal account , a debit or credit card only
  7. paper invoices are not issued
  8. paper invoices can be supplied but an administration fee of £2-50 will be added to the account - this also applies if a paper invoice is issued because of none payment of the original pay pal invoice and subsequent reminder
  9. Accounts outstanding after the renewal date where no cancellation has been made under condition (3) above will incur a late payment fee of £3-00 per week
  10. if an account remains unpaid for 14 days after the renewal date the index page for the site will be replaced with the following wording

headed with your domain name

We are sorry but the (company name) site is no longer available because of none payment of registration, hosting and maintenance fees

  • This notification will only be removed on payment of the full amount oustanding
  • If it has become neccessary to do this then the site will be maintained as normal following payment but only until the end of that year - renewal of the domain, hosting or maintenance will not be possible
  • Any discounts will be negated if payment is more than 14 days late and the full undiscounted prices will be due along with any late payment fees incurred
  • Any account that remains unpaid for 30 days after the renewal date will be looked at with a view to legal action being started to recover the full amount plus costs - at this time any domain names registered to the site will be blocked making them unavailable for use by anyone
  • Please be aware that I will pursue any outstanding amounts to the full extent of the law including registering the debt with credit reference agencies

I apologise if the above seems harsh but because of companies and people that have let me down in the past it has become neccessary.

both the domain name registration and hosting fees are automatically taken from my bank account by the hosting company 14 days before the renewal date and I have no way to recover this and as I do not do my site or the design side for profit this is a drain on my pension if it remains unpaid to me. This leaves me with no option other than to use whatever means neccessary to recover the debt



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